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2 QUICK Reasons You Might Be In a Weight Loss Plateau

 You’re losing weight, all is going well, and then bam! You stop losing weight, or better yet, you start gaining! The unfortunate part about the weight loss process is this is something that happens quite often to those trying to reach their weight loss goals, so you’re not alone.


Here are 2 reasons why you might have plateaued:


1) You’re stressed.

A lot of times when people are stressed, strangely enough they  don’t even realize it, but one thing about the body, it is genius. You body tells you about things you don’t even know. When you are stressed on a frequent basis, you release cortisol which in turn affects your weight loss abilities. What’s stressing you? work, kids, terrible relationship, a situation you feel stuck in? Well I’m here to knock you out if it! Whenever something is stressing you, it’s typically rooted in the fear of the worst possible outcome. RELAX! If you have control over it, tackle the situation the best you can and leave it be, if it’s out of your control and it’s inevitable, let things take their course because it’s meant to happen. We as humans can only do so much with the abilities God gave us! Don’t make yourself sick behind any finite thing. Once you relax, your body will follow suit and continue with your mind on its weight loss journey.




2) Your workouts are too intense!
Do you workout so hard, you don’t even let yourself catch a breath? Or do you lift heavy ALL THE TIME? Calm down baby! Take a little over a week off from the gym and let your body rest! Frequent High intensity workouts can also lead to high cortisol levels! Another thing is, if you ALWAYS lift heavy and don’t take days off from lifting heavy, you will hold on to more water weight during that period because you’re creating muscles tears. When you create muscle tears, water within your body gets in them, making you swell and look bigger. You ever been punched in the eye and it got swollen and took days to go down. The inside of your body is no different! 


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