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3 Ways to Avoid Gym Procrastination


1) Listen to your favorite music selection while putting on your gym clothes


You know those songs that make you just want to dance? 
You just can’t help but want to move your body. Now imagine what workout you could do to the beat of your favorite songs! While you’re in your peak, it is best to take advantage of it. music has the ability to change moods rapidly , so get your favorite tunes on prior to the gym and on your way there. That way all the energy is ready for use when you get there


2) Reward yourself with a bite of your favorite snack


Sometimes dieting can be so taxing! Reward yourself with a bite of your favorite snack and drive there right away! A bite of our favorite snack after dieting can give us some excitement because we know we will have earned that snack after such a great workout. That snack will have been used as fuel to push through your workout. Yes, it’s ok to have a BITE of candy prior to working out. BEWARE Candy , cupcakes , sweets are simple carbs so they give a burst of energy and the energy doesn’t last. Hey, it might be better to eat your sweets because it might give you urgency to head on over to the gym while the energy is at its peak!


3) Have a friend/acquaintance hold you accountable


Not wanting to workout when you know you need to is a MOOD. Have a positive friend that can change that. Sometimes all we need is a friend to drag us by our ear to the gym parking lot.
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