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3 Ways to AVOID the Treadmill

Are you tired of the same old hamster wheel? The treadmill, that is. It’s almost as if running in the same spot makes you feel more out of breath than running outside. Well, if you’re tired of the same old treadmill and would like to add variety to your workout regimen, as far cardio goes, here are a few ideas to get your cardio workouts in without the treadmill.

  1. Water Aerobics

Ah, good ole water aerobics. Water Aerobics is one of the most effective ways to raise your heart rate while decreasing your risk for injury. The water’s ability to delay normal bodily movements allow for slight weight resistance and increased cardio activity. This form of activity beats running on a treadmill because of its low impact on the knees. 45-minutes is the recommended amount of time to participate in this activity. Running on a treadmill or outside on hard surfaces tend to have a long-term negative effect on the cartilage in the knees. Currently, there are methods to preserve cartilage, but once deteriorated, there is little to no regenerative potential.

  1. Plyometrics

Plyometrics knocks out two birds with one stone! With this method, you can tone your muscles and get your cardio out the way for the day. Plyometrics consists of muscle workouts with bursts of power to drive the force of the muscle. Ideally, a plyometrics session should last for 25-30 minutes . Some examples of plyometric exercises are squat jumps, mountain climbers, power skips and split squats.

  1. Cycle/Take a Bike Ride

Is there a biking friendly trail near you? Pull out your bike and take a ride on the trail. Bike rides can be a low or high impact exercise depending on your preference. Cycling on a stationary bike is also an option if you have one at home or at your local gym. Stationary cycling can be of a higher advantage in regard to safety if you enjoy high intensity, flexible exercises while on the bike. Bike riding triumphs cycling if you enjoy nature and scenery. These methods both accomplish the goal of increasing the heart rate.

Tell me, which one will you include in your next workout?

**Please consult with a doctor prior to including additional cardio activity in your workout regimen.*

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