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3 Ways to TACKLE a Unplanned Cheat Day!

      Unplanned cheat days have happened to all of us at one point and time and it’s normal so don’t freak out. Even bodybuilders and personal trainers mess up regardless of how banging their body is! Even I have had my fair share of unplanned cheat days because a piece of buttercream cake or a donut was just calling my name! Guess what! My baby abs are still intact!

What’s done has been done so now how can we put those extra calories to use?


1)Lift Heavy that day


You’re better off gaining muscle mass than fat that’s for sure! Depending on how intense your cheat days are it can leave you feeling more energetic, though sometimes when it’s completely overdone it may leave you lethargic. However, if you have any areas of your body that you’ve been trying to grow muscle wise, use that day to go intense so the food is distributed better throughout your body and you’re left with that body part more emphasized. Unfortunately, when you lift Heavy on cheat days there is a possibility you may swell a little and hold onto watertight, but in the end those calories will have been distributed properly for a overall great physique.


2) Make sure you keep your protein quota.


This is a important precursor for when you decide to go to the gym and lift Heavy. Keeping up your protein quota for the day will ensure that your weightlifting gym session didn’t go to waste and that it holds up. Protein is the core of bodybuilding and maintaining muscle mass, so even though you may have had a unplanned cheat day, make sure protein was maintained


3) Just rest.


This is honestly one of the easiest solutions to a unplanned cheat day, at least for me! Sometimes your body needs that cheat day earlier than your “planned one” so if you know you have been keeping up with your diet consistently and had one mess up, you Should just let it be. That is not said to make you feel better , but a lot of times having a unplanned cheat day will improve your physique for the next day and make you leaner for the next morning! Though Be warned! if you have not kept up with a consistent diet prior to this, it will not work.

Did you enjoy these tips?

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