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5 Ways to ACTUALLY lower your belly fat!

1) Eat Fiber.
The daily recommendation for fiber intake is 25 g per day. Fiber helps to soften foods for smoother bowel movements. It may seem gross, but you must have normal bowel movements especially if you want the lower belly pouch to go away. A lot of times people have food sitting in their digestive track for days! WHY?  Because they don’t have the proper nutrients to get those toxic foods out!
2)  Do consistent cardio for at least 4 to 5 times a week for 2 Weeks straight with a consistent diet. 
 Now this is just personal advice! Realistically,  cardio is a necessity to burn fat. The catch is, you burn fat all over the body meaning your butt may shrink slightly if you’re trying to maintain that, but after doing cardio for this amount of time take one week away from the gym and eat normally for four days.  This will allow the swelling from cardio to go down and you see a slight difference in your physique of shrinkage trust me    


3) Leave ab exercises alone!
    Yes I said it! Unfortunately, ab exercises do not shrink your tummy!! It builds muscle. If you have a big tummy, ab exercises will only increase the size because it will build muscle underneath and create large abdominals which in turn creates a larger tummy!



4) Eat Protein.
If you are a woman I recommend you at least eat 100 g of protein a day. Do this while making sure to consistently drink water so your bowels will be easy to pass. Protein without water or green vegetables will cause bowel movements back up however, when done correctly this helps burn calories and make fat into muscle for a better body physique.


5) Eat your greens and take SENNA TEA on occasion.
Greens like kale, asparagus, and broccoli all have fiber to help with breakdown of food in digestive system. Senna tea is something to be taken on rare occasion and best done on a weekend as the bowel movement process with Senna takes hours to work but works almost TOO WELL when you need cleansing.
Did you enjoy these tips. Let us know what you would like to learn next!
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