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5 Ways to Stay on a Diet


One of the biggest killer of diets is the lack of having a systematic approach. It is important to have self-control and the ability to think clearly when the next craving or hunger attack happens. Often times we find ourselves in an instantaneous mindset to resolve the issue and a McDouble with a Large Fry (extra crispy), from McDonalds suddenly falls in our mouth. You’d be surprised to know it happens more than you think. However, we don’t have to continue to put up with the abuse of our hunger and cravings. There are a few ways we can combat them and stay on track during a diet.

  1. Drink coffee in the morning.

Coffee not only gives you energy but fills you up temporarily until your next snack/meal. It’s even more beneficial because it is considered a thermogenic beverage. This means it speeds up your metabolism and decreases your appetite! So not only are you able to stay on track, but you are able to burn calories at an increased rate.

  1. Meal prep for the week.

During the day, especially during the week, we might find ourselves busy with work and family. Meal prepping is convenient because it allows you to have immediate access to healthy food instead of grabbing a quick processed meal or snack. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find a healthy meal or snack at restaurants so it is advised to prep healthy options for the week. When you begin to crave foods outside your diet or get hungry, eat one of your meals to get yourself full. Whenever we get hungry, we tend to go into survival mode and want to eat any and everything and will think less clearly, so I recommend you never let yourself get too hungry and make sure to have your meals prepared and on hand.

  1. Have healthy snacks on hand

There are times we will get cravings and our hunger will get the best of us. In Situations like this, it is important to get a low Glycemic Index Snack. Snacks with a low glycemic index have a tendency to stabilize your blood sugar levels so you don’t have as many cravings. Ideally, you’ll want to look for foods that are 55 or less on a Glycemic Index Chart. Some examples of Low Glycemic Index snacks are apples, avocado, kale, brown rice etc.  It may not make you “full”, but it will kick the hunger and the craving! Remember, everything you eat will not always be wonderful, but it is important to keep focus when you have body goals.

  1. Drink water before and during every meal.

Drinking water before and during your meals helps to prevent overeating. Water satiates thirst which can sometimes be perceived as hunger to the body. It is important to properly distinguish hunger from thirst in your diet so you can determine how much you should eat during your meals.

  1. Stay busy.

Thinking about the foods you should and shouldn’t eat during your diet can be tiresome and sometimes even self-destructive. It is important to maintain a productive schedule or have a enjoyable hobby that keeps you from overthinking your diet. Both options will make the time pass by smoother and quicker, and you won’t need to tamper with temptation to cheat on your diet as often.


In your opinion, which tip is the best to follow during a diet?

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