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Customer Survey

Welcome to your "Customer Survey". Please take a look around our website before taking this quiz or open up another tab. We will be asking your opinion on products and user interface. All payments will be sent through PayPal, so please input valid e-mail/phone number once you have completed the survey.

ALL questions must be answered thoroughly to receive your reward of $1. Only 1 submission per person will be accepted. 50 submissions total will be allowed.

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What is your first impression about Fit N' Fly Fitness website?

Instructions: Take a look around the website and tell us your thoughts on how you feel about it.
Does it feel welcoming? If so, explain.
Does it look sketchy? If so, explain.
(Please answers questions thoroughly.)

What is your favorite product that we sell?

Have you ever purchased from a new site? Why or why not?

What are 3 things that make you trust a website to purchase from?

What are 3 things you look for in a perfect pair of leggings?

What could be done to enhance your website experience?

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