22 mm Long & Natural Mink Lashes


Dial up your eye look with a pair of Fit N Fly’s 22mm Mink Lashes. Long and Natural Mink Lashes are lightweight, fluffy and embellish your eye shape with a sophisticated touch.


Mimics the look of real eyelashes • Enjoy a lash that easily blends with the texture of real lashes.


Perfect for the gym • Fit N Fly’s mink lashes add a natural looking, lightweight glam to your workout


Perfect for Day to Evening transition • Long and Natural Mink Lashes have versatility which allows them to be used for a daytime look or a date night out.


Eyelash Container for safe storage • Maintain a long-lasting pair of lashes with a reusable Eyelash container. Properly remove your lashes, wash them, then place them in their container next to your sink or bedpost for ease of access.

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Long & Natural Full Mink Lashes enhance your gym look. Comes with a complimentary re-usable plastic container to carry lashes on-the-go and for easy storage.

Additional information

Weight 280 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × .5 in


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