Hip Abduction with Exercise Resistance Band (3pc)


Hip Abduction Exercise Resistance Bands improve the fullness of your glutes with 3 tier resistance levels. You can choose a light, medium or heavy resistance to work out and activate your glutes before weight training. Whether at home or at your desk, hip abduction resistance bands make a travel friendly, compact glute workout. Your glute gains will always be at a grab!


Activates your Glutes: Intensify your glute workout by activating them with resistance bands. Gone are the days where your quads dominate your glute days!


Travel Friendly and Workout Diversity: The hip abduction resistance band collection allows for easy storage in your purse, car or pocket. Target your glutes, hips, quads and shoulders anywhere.


Your choice of resistance: You can control the amount of resistance by choosing a different resistance band. Lengthen/shorten width of a single resistance band for controlled resistance.


Light Resistance (Green): 14-25 lbs. of resistance. Beginners, use the green resistance band to add low resistance and increase strength, mobility and tone.


Medium Resistance (Pink): 25-35 lbs. of resistance. Intermediate level users, use the pink resistance band to add more resistance and increase strength, mobility and tone.


Heavy Resistance (Purple): 40-50 lbs. of resistance. Advanced level users, use the purple resistance band to add the most resistance and increase strength, mobility, tone.

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The hip abduction with exercise resistance band (3pc) can be performed comfortably due to the cotton, latex fabric composition.
The fabric of the exercise resistance band allows stable placement during workouts which prevents the band from rolling up.

Impoves Glute Activation

Cotton, Latex

Package Includes:
1. Green Band: (14-25 lbs. resistance)
2. Pink Band: (25-35 lbs. resistance)
3. Purple Band: (40-50 lbs. resistance)
4. Lightweight Black Bag
5. Instruction Manual

In addition to the Hip Abduction Exercise Resistance Band (3pc), get more tips on how to Activate Your Glutes before your workout in our short blog: 4 Keys to GROW Your Glute Muscles – Fit N’ Fly Fitness LLC (


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